Clare Wren - Class of 1980
Transfer from Trinity Heights Academy in Shreveport

The second 'den mother' to the Young Riders was played by lovely Clare Wren.  She won the role of Rachel Dunne on "The Young Riders".
Ms. Wren has acted in several theatrical movies including the acclaimed film Extremities (1986). Other movies include Midnight Edition (1993), Steel and Lace (1990), and Season of Fear (1989).
She has also made numerous television guest appearances on series like "Picket Fences", "ER", and "Law & Order". In 1997, Clare made an appearance in the TV series "Soul Man" and Lunker Lake. Clare has also been performing on stage in LA.

Married to Actor William Russ with 2 children.

At The Movies...

1997, Lunker Lake as Kathy Taylor 
1993, Midnight Edition as Sarah Travers
1990, Steel and Lace as Gaily Morton
1987, No Man's Land as Deborah 
1986, Extremities as Racquetball player

Major TV Roles...

1990-92, "The Young Riders" TV Series as Rachel Dunne 
1989, Season of Fear (TV movie) as Sarah Drummond
... aka An American Murder 
1986, Who Is Julia? (TV movie) as Sandy 

TV Guest Appearances...

1999, "Nash Bridges" playing "Eileen Maddigan" in episode: "Smash and Grab" (episode # 5.3) October 8
1998, "Soul Man" playing "Christine Rhodes" in episode: "Holy Rollers" (episode # 2.11) January 13 
1997, "ER" playing "Mrs. Chiemingo" in episode: "Post Mortem" (episode # 3.12) January 23 
1995, "Law & Order" playing "Julia Danforth" in episode: "Humiliation" (episode # 6.7) November 22 
1995, "Pointman" playing "Daughter" in episode: "Treasure Hunt" (episode # 1.8) May 1 
1994, "Picket Fences" playing "Stacey" in episode: "Supreme Courting" (episode # 2.14) February 4 
1994, "The Adventures of Brisco County Jr." playing "Rosalind Peters" in episode: "Bounty Hunters' Convention" (episode # 1.16) January 7 
1993, "Civil Wars" in episode: "Hit the Road, Jack" (episode # 2.12) January 6
1989, "In the Heat of the Night" playing "Rochelle" in episode: "Murder Most Ancient" (episode # 3.4) November 7 
1989, "Mancuso, FBI" playing "Lee Kessler" in episode: "Suspicious Minds" (episode # 1.1) October 13 
1989, "Hunter" playing "Christine Sacks" in episode: "Informant" (episode # 5.15) March 18 
1987, "L.A. Law" playing "Shannon" in episode: "The Grace of Wrath" (episode # 1.18) February 26

The Young Riders - ABC from September 20, 1989 through July 23, 1992
with Stephen Baldwin and Josh Brolin

Clare Wren's Brave Performance After Knee Injury

The moment Clare Wren hit the floor, she knew her golden life had changed. Wren was one of those kids the world envies. She was a Southern belle, slim and blonde and beautiful. She was a doctor's daughter, preparing to be star gymnast or a dancer. Then a double back-flip went wrong. "I tore the ligaments and cartilage on my right knee," Wren recalls. "I was incredibly depressed. I'd been performing most of my life."

On Young Riders.... Wren gets to stand out. In the midst of a dusty world of macho cowboys, she's the Farrah Fawcett type, surrounded by lace and curls. She gets the focus one weekend, as Riders eyes long-ago alcoholism. "I've been around alcoholism, off and on, for my whole life," Wren says. "A lot of the people I have loved have struggled with it."

Growing up in Texarkana, Wren was an emerging star. At 12 she was at the first live-in gymnastics school in Shreveport, LA. As a high school freshman, she was at the Walnut Hills performing arts school, near Boston. Then the knee injury changed everything. "I tore it up because I kept trying to compete." Wren would need a new way to perform. She chose the Southern Methodist University, because it was near her Dallas doctor. Then she focused on theater.

Cast of Young Riders

She arrived in Hollywood, mailed out 1,500 letters and has been working consistently. Still, she didn't really catch attention until she was added during the second season of the Riders. Westerns are often filled with hard-drinking cowboys, but the episode Spirits takes a revisionist view. The drinking problems include a visiting lawman to Wren's character and the young Jesse James.

The show is filmed in Arizona, leaving many of her city-slicker colleagues complaining about the weather. Wren, however, says she is used to the heat, the horses and the quiet Southern ways. In real life, her significant other is William Russ [he played Roger on the TYR second season episode Daisy], the actor who first drew fame as a Miami Vice guest star. Their daughter was born in July.