My friend "Ham" - One of the best CW Operators in the world
CW = Morse Code
I contacted this Japanese Ham many times over the years.
His daughter shown at the bottom was an exchange student in Pine Bluff
and her host family was right next door to us - Small World!



More Bouvet Island Photos below from 3Y5X



Above- Not a Good Vacation spot - Claimed by China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei
Several Ham Ops on Expeditions have been killed by gun boats of feuding countries

Heard Island is an active stratovolcano in the south Indian Ocean

Albania has long forbidden Radio operation except for
a few brief instances - I was lucky to get this one.

in the 50's and 60's there was no radio allowed in China 
with the outside world

Off the coast of Nova Scotia

Off the coast of Yemen in the Red Sea

1967 - Before it got bad

Arkansan Rick Harris on his world tour above

Off Coast of Venezuela - Bird Island

My Visitor and friend from Canada >>>

300 Miles SE of Nova Scotia - Population 5
Home of Sable Island Ponies

I Ran Phone Patches for Gerald Clark while he was on Easter Island
to his wife Rita in Pine Bluff and when he returned, he brought
me a crate full of wooden statues carved by natives on the island.


Rick Roderick K5UR - Cabot, Arkansas

< His 200 Ft  160 mtr Tower at Left

4 or 5 others to go with it

First of 3 contacts with the King

AZ Sen. Barry Goldwater





    Amateur Radio Tour of the world by Wayne Beck....K5HYB / K5MB
Cards and photos received by mail 
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