Texarkana Razorbacks

Jessie Stewart Hog
Artist - Jesse Stewart

Jesse Stewart The late Jesse Stewart, an ardent Razorback booster, is the artist who drew this unique Razorback as the logo or mascot for Arkansas High School many years ago. He and his family owned the Razorback Inn, a cafeteria and teenage hangout, in Texarkana in the 1940's and 1950's. Even the University of Arkansas was forced to grant an exception to its Razorback copyright for this particular Razorback.

Mr. Stewart was awarded the Jack Hardy Education Service Award in 1989 in recognition of his lifetime devotion to the Razorbacks of Arkansas High School. In addition, the "Jesse Stewart Award" is given to the Booster of the year at Arkansas High each year to recognized outstanding contributions to school spirit and morale by an adult booster.

In 1953, Mr. Stewart brought a real razorback, "Bill Joe,"" to the football games as a live mascot. He had been given this small razorback pig by two boys from DeKalb, Texas, because they knew of his devotion to the Arkansas High athletic program. His two daughters (he has no sons), Joyce Stewart Varner (Class of 58) and Carrie Lynn Stewart Galloway (Class of 60), recall vividly having to feed the critter acorns and gather leaves to put in it's pen, which Mr. Stewart kept in his garage at home.

"Bill Joe" had to move out to a more conductive environment when he reached adulthood. Needless to say, the girls were glad to see him go!

This Hog was used on the front of several Class Directories as well as this web site